After three long years San Diego Comic-Con, “Geek Mecha,” The Granddaddy of Them All” makes its glorious return, and after 13 (or something like that) much LONGER years, so does Working Snug!

Some of you remember how we changed sports-entertainment entertainment-sport with our cast and crew of merry (and sometimes miserable) mark types who would wax poetic about the sacred art of pro rasslin’ (Thanks, Sean Leeds of the weekly whimsey known as “Sean’s Yard”). Some of you recall the rad independent comic creator profiles we did on folks like “Bansai Girl” Jinky Coronado or artist/musician Michel Gagne. But all of you remember us (hopefully) as a daily dose of goodness whereby you could find or become introduced to something fun and creative.

Well, after a couple of short lived re-starts, the pop culture geek den our fearless Editor-in-Attempt Todd Tochioka, (a.k.a. “t.y.b.”), created so long ago with a pop culture crazed cast of misfit toys (*ahem* JOURNALISTS!) is BACK, for GOOD, and what better place to resurrect than at the cross section of geekery known as Comic-Con? I mean hey, we were among the first one’s banging the drum on rasslin’ fans and comic book fans being darn near one in the same, but heyyyy, we don’t wanna brag!

This time around we’ll be heavy on the wrestling as we are not part of a bigger concept known as Ultima Digital, founded by this websites creator and previous Working Snug Assistant Editor-In Attempt Joshua Waldrop, with most of the overall geek culture stuff living over on our sister platform, Geek Mecha. However, it wouldn’t be Working Snug if we didn’t offer your daily (perhaps…several times weekly, at least to start) dose of random fun. Over the years, a lot has changed, but our passion for pop and devotion to the squared circle aren’t among them; nor is our penchant for geeking out about fun and creative stuff we find along the way. (We know our audience…we practically created it!)

So…, I guess, check out Ultima Digital, check out Geek Mecha, check out Working Snug, and if you’re at SDCC this weekend, hit us up! Maybe we can grab tacos. (I mean,…I definitely will be, I can’t promise y’all S#!t!)

Welcome back. We missed you. We missed this. We missed US. (*que in “Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong.”) We hope you stick around awhile. We definitely plan to.

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